Excellent network management as the basis

Our energy networks are among the most reliable in the world and will remain so in the future.

Thanks to efficient management and the realisation of economies of scale through collaborative partnerships and growth, we are keeping the existing networks affordable. We also want to continue increasing the level of comfort our customers experience when we are working for them. Because the trust of our customers matters to us, both in the course of our daily work and during the realisation of our new activities.

Excellent network management thus forms the basis of Alliander's activities.

To continue guaranteeing the reliability, affordability and accessibility of energy, we make sure we anticipate future developments in the world around us at an early stage. And we make an active contribution to the development of open standards, both for new networks and solutions that help customers make the right choices. Because open public standards that are applied on a large scale are key to ensuring that customers can access the services and providers of their choice without any technical or other restrictions.