Alliander is investing in new open networks

The construction of alternative infrastructures can be a way of preventing costlier investments in the existing network.

Suppose, for instance, that residents of a particular area are considering installing individual heat pumps in their homes. In this scenario, there will be spikes in electricity demand at peak times (especially on cold days). Which means, in turn, that the electricity network must be substantially upgraded. It is crucial to ascertain with all stakeholders whether this is the cheapest and most sustainable solution. An innovative heating or biogas network may be a better alternative. This is why Alliander is investing in the development of alternative energy networks.

It is vital to keep this new infrastructure accessible (“open”) to everyone under equal conditions. Universal access makes these networks more affordable, as the costs can then be shared with the maximum number of users. Added to this, facilitating the market is another important part of our social responsibility.