Alliander supports customers in their choices

Customers are gaining more influence over the energy system. So it is vital to encourage them to make choices that not only make sense to them, but to our energy system as a whole. Such as using more energy when supply is abundant, feeding in more energy when supply is scarce, and using the network as sparingly as possible during peak times.

Variable energy pricing (higher prices when energy is scarce, and lower prices when energy is abundant) and flexible transmission tariffs (based on peak loads on the transmission networks) for all customers is necessary to achieve this. That way, customers can decide per fifteen minutes or hour whether they want to use, sell or store energy. It is important to automate this decision-making in order to minimise the time customers need to spend on this process. Alliander is facilitating this. In the coming years, for instance, we will roll out the smart meter to all our customers, allowing them to pay per fifteen-minute or hourly period. And we will also help customers exchange energy with each other.