Working together to find the best solutions

How do we make tomorrow better? This is a question that is constantly preoccupying us. Each day we’re working to find the best solution, and we’re not doing so alone. We combine the knowledge and experience of various stakeholders to shape the energy future.
Alliander opts for strategic partnerships with students, (technical) professionals, suppliers, governments and civil society organisations. Together, we work on the best solutions to current problems.

The issues at stake

The issues we are working on together are very varied. How, for example, can we help our clients to switch to renewable sources of energy? How do we ensure a network for re-charging electric cars throughout Europe? What ICT and sensors are needed to keep our energy networks reliable and affordable? And how can smart energy solutions be used to help resolve problems in our major cities?
Together with our partners, we are working on solutions to the following issues:

Local and international partners

We work with partners both in the Netherlands and across our borders, and regularly initiate partnerships ourselves as well as joining regional, national and international projects.


You can see a complete overview of our interaction with stakeholders in our annual report.