Accessible and clean

Together with consumers, businesses, energy cooperatives and local authorities, we can realise our climate goals. We are therefore working on a sustainable energy supply in the Netherlands and on increased sustainability within our own company.

Should I store the solar power I’ve generated, sell it to my neighbour or use it myself? When should I turn on equipment that consumes high levels of energy? Clients need to be free to make their own energy choices, which is why we make it possible for them to select their own suppliers and service providers and to feed energy back into the grid. We also help them to actively switch to renewable forms of energy.

Sustainable business operations

Alliander is among the top 30 biggest emitters of CO2 in the Netherlands, mainly due to our grid losses arising from the thousands of kilometres of cables and pipelines that carry energy. We want to take steps to improve this. In fact, we aim to be climate-neutral by 2023, which means we want our annual energy consumption to balance our energy generation. We’ll achieve this through:

  • the purchase of certificates for renewable energy from future windfarms in the Netherlands
  • the application of sustainable climate regulations in our sub-stations (30% saving per year)
  • low-energy or energy-positive buildings such as our new office in Duiven
  • the prevention of energy fraud
  • the use of fewer, smarter and more eco-friendly company and lease cars. Our company cars are fitted with speed limiters and the engines of our lease cars are standardised to emit no more than 110 grammes of CO2 per kilometre.

Alliander operates the highest level of certificate (5) on the CO2 performance ladder, which is a great testimonial to how embedded our management and focus on results is.