Circular grid management

We feel responsible for our own substantial waste and material stream, which is why we pay close attention to waste processing and set high standards for the processing companies we use. Roughly 90% of our waste is now recycled.

In addition to recycling waste, our technical procurement is also based on the closed loop philosophy wherever possible. We want the raw materials we consume to return to the energy loop and for nothing to be wasted. As part of our socially responsible procurement policy, we conclude agreements with suppliers and other partners in the chain on the ecological and social consequences of the raw materials, services and products we use. Here are some examples:

  • The Fair Meter: as well as being sustainable, our smart meter is also responsible, since our procurement is based on the consumption of renewable materials, screening the origin of raw materials, exclusion of child labour and the closed loop philosophy. We can now be certain that our meters are FAIR, both in terms of people and planet.
  • We always ask about the re-use of components when placing major procurement orders. How much recycled aluminium does that cable contain? And can it be usefully recycled at the end of its life? Can all the raw materials be recycled or is a high proportion still incinerated?
  • Our closed loop policy also covers items such as gas valves, which are made of plastic from old PET bottles.
  • Closed loop material use is part of the tendering process used by our Duiven and Arnhem offices. Both offices issue raw materials passports.