Alliander pand Duiven

Financial programmes

Depending on the characteristics, maturity and the purpose Alliander uses various financing instruments. Alliander's main financing sources are:

Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN): maximum EUR 3,000,000,000

The EMTN programme allows the issue of bonds with maturities above two years in a number of currencies with a maximum aggregate principal amount of bonds outstanding of EUR 3,000,000,000. Under ‘Bond issues’ more information can be found on the bonds issued under this programme.

Arranger: Citigroup. Dealers: BNP Paribas, Citigroup, ING, Morgan Stanley, NatWest Markets and Rabobank.

Euro Commercial Paper (ECP): maximum EUR 1,500,000,000

The ECP programme allows the issue of ECP-Notes with a maturity of one day up to two years in a number of currencies with a maximum aggregate principal amount of Notes outstanding of Euro 1,500,000,000.

Arranger: Citi. Dealers: Citi, ING Commercial Banking, Rabobank International and BNP Paribas.

Loan European Investment Bank (EIB) : EUR 300,000,000

The EIB loan has been made available to Alliander on 21 July 2017. The full amount will be drawn in three separate tranches in 2017 and 2018, all with bullet repayment in 2031. The proceeds of the loan are exclusively allocated to finance parts of the renewal and expansion of the electricity distribution network of Liander.

Private placements

Alliander has a number of loans with banks, municipalities and provinces.

Committed back-up credit facility: EUR 600,000,000

This committed credit facility of EUR 600,000,000 expires in July 2023 and can be used for the financing of general corporate purposes. The facility serves as back-up facility and has not been used since the start date. Alliander has an option to extend the maturity of this facility by one year in 2018.

The banks involved in this credit facility are BNP Paribas, NatWest Markets, Citibank, ING Bank, Rabobank and Morgan Stanley Bank.