Our innovations

Society is becoming more aware and more critical with energy. This is inevitable, as fossil fuels become scarcer and more expensive. In many places arise initiatives to achieve energy savings and sustainability. We want to play a role in this energy transition and participate and initiate many projects . Some of them you can see here.


In the mid-voltage network in the Bommelerwaard, we carry out live testing of innovative technologies, equipment and processes under the LiveLab label. Asset managers, network managers, engineers and procurement staff can get answers to all their research questions here. LiveLab is dedicated to knowledge creation, making it a vital source of information for the management and maintenance of our networks going forward.

Smart Grids

Liander is implementing Smart Grids to create an intelligent electricity supply system: substations and mid-voltage units are equipped with ICT and sensor technology to make the network intelligent, while also raising its capacity from 10 kV to 20 kV.

Open data

Our ‘open data’ approach is one way in which we are encouraging the development of innovative applications, in combination with the smart meter. Reliable metering data that cannot be traced back to individuals are made publicly available to help market parties devise smart energy solutions. The ‘open data’ formula helps us to be transparent about the data we collect, to stimulate innovation and to obtain feedback on inaccuracies in the data. Together with expert parties such as Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University, we are continuing to refine the open data approach, an initiative that is attracting global interest.