Alliander and Enexis to explore exchange of regional energy networks

Arnhem - 18-03-2014 - The network companies Alliander and Enexis are going to explore the option of exchanging the energy networks of Enexis in Friesland and the Noordoostpolder and that of Alliander in the Eindhoven and South-East Brabant region (Endinet) with effect from 1 January 2015. A Letter of Intent was signed today.

Customers who currently have different network operators for gas and electricity will benefit from the exchange. Apart from the convenience of a single network operator, the exchange will also produce efficiency gains that will be beneficial to customers in the longer term. The intention of the network operators is in line with the policy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to organise the service areas of the network operators according to provincial borders (as described in the report of the Kist Committee in 2009).

The projected move comprises the transfer of the Enexis energy networks in Friesland and the Noordoostpolder to Alliander in exchange for the network of Endinet (part of Alliander) in the Eindhoven and South-East Brabant region.

If the study shows that the exchange of networks is viable, a proposal for this exchange will be submitted to the Supervisory Boards and shareholders for approval in the course of the year. Consultation about the proposals will also be held with the works councils and trade unions.


About Alliander 

Network company Alliander, which is active in the energy sector and employs approximately 7,000 staff, comprises the Liander, Endinet and Liandon companies. Network operators Liander and Endinet distribute electricity to 3.1 million customers and gas to 2.6 million customers in an area covering over a third of the Netherlands. Liander and Endinet are responsible for maintenance, expansion and innovation of their networks in the provinces of Gelderland, Noord-Holland and parts of Zuid-Holland, Friesland, Flevoland and Noord-Brabant. Liandon provides services relating to the construction and maintenance of complex energy infrastructures.


About Enexis 

Enexis is the regional network operator in the provinces of Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Flevoland (Noordoostpolder), Overijssel, Noord-Brabant and Limburg. Enexis is responsible for the development and construction of energy distribution networks (gas and electricity), as well as for the maintenance and management of these networks. As such, Enexis is responsible for the distribution of power to 2.7 million customers and gas to 2.1 million customers, and forms the link between the customer and the energy supplier.Enexis has over 4,300 employees.

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