Alliander CFO to leave company

Alliander announced today that its CFO, Mark van Lieshout, has decided to pursue his career elsewhere.

Mr Van Lieshout has been on Alliander’s Management Board, serving as the company’s CFO, since 1 January 2010. After the separation between Alliander and Nuon nine years ago, he played a key role in Alliander’s continued growth and development.


Annemarie Jorritsma, Chair of the Supervisory Board: “In his capacity as CFO, Mark van Lieshout has helped make Alliander become the organisation it is today. The company owes him a debt of gratitude for his efforts. The Supervisory Board and Mr Van Lieshout have agreed that Mr Van Lieshout will step down to clear the way for a new CFO.”


Mr Van Lieshout will remain in office until the financial statements for 2018 have been adopted. Although he will step down on 1 March 2019, his services will continue to be available to Alliander until 1 July 2019. The process of finding a successor has been initiated.