Alliander partner in Universal Smart Energy Framework

The rise of renewable energy requires a smart energy market in which customers can match their energy consumption to the supply of solar or wind power. Seven Dutch players on the energy market, including Alliander, therefore launched the Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF).

With its international market standard, USEF enables the trade of flexibility in energy consumption. USEF describes the structure and mechanisms of the flexibility market, the market roles involved and the interaction between them.

Everybody benefits

“With a clear vision, specifications and the first active field trial in the market, USEF provides genuine prospects for an integrated flexibility market,” says Jeroen Bode, chairman of the USEF consortium. “The consumer delivers flexibility, thereby reducing his energy bill. This flexibility allows the supplier to make maximum use of the supply of renewable energy and saves the network operator from having to expand the electricity grid. Everyone therefore benefits.”

Energiekoplopers field trial

Our EnergieKoplopers field trial in Heerhugowaard is a first, practical demonstration of USEF. It looks at how some 200 households can prevent ‘energy backlogs’ by consuming energy during times when there is a lot of wind or sunshine. Homes are connected to an energy system that communicates with a smart appliance inside the house. The smart system automatically regulates equipment such as electric boilers or heat pumps to store or burn energy at the right times.

USEF was jointly established by ABB, Alliander, DNV GL, Essent, IBM, ICT and Stedin. There is also more information on the USEF website.

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