Enexis and Alliander sign outline agreement for regional network exchange

Network operators Enexis and Alliander have signed an outline agreement for the exchange of regional networks. This exchange concerns the energy networks of Enexis in Friesland province and the Noordoostpolder area and that of Alliander in the Eindhoven and southeast Brabant region (Endinet). Scheduled for completion on 1 January 2016, the exchange reflects the government’s policy to organise the network managers’ service areas along provincial boundaries.

The move to bring electricity and gas networks in these regions under the control of a single operator will create clarity for customers and lead to greater operational efficiency. Moreover, the networks included in the exchange tie in perfectly with the existing distribution networks of both parties. The Enexis networks comprise 51,000 electricity and 196,000 gas connections in Friesland and 28,000 electricity and 27,000 gas connections in Noordoostpolder. Endinet has 108,000 and 398,000 connections respectively.

This outline agreement will serve as a basis for the continuation of the talks between Enexis and Alliander and the remainder of the due diligence process. Further consultations will be held with the works councils, trade unions and regulators ahead of a final agreement, after which the transaction will be submitted to shareholders.

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