Heat in Haarlem: the consumer decides

The municipality of Haarlem, housing corporations and Alliander Duurzame Gebiedsontwikkeling (DGO) (now Firan) have signed a declaration of intent to develop the district heating system for a borough in Haarlem. The soil substrate in Haarlem's Schalkwijk district has been found to be suitable as a geothermal energy source, and an initial business case for the district heating system has been deemed viable.

Virtual reality

The project team in Schalkwijk is now making excellent progress through the smart use of ‘virtual reality’. After all, how do you decide which homes to connect, and in what sequence? How will connection to the grid affect security of supply, costs and yields for all the stakeholders? And how will it affect energy costs for the householders concerned? Together, they are calculating a range of scenarios based on real data using Alliander DGO's HEAT design tool.

The consumer decides

The next step in the project is to connect a geothermal developer, a heat supplier and more district heating consumers to the project. The three participating housing corporations are keen to connect over 6,000 homes to the district heating system. To this end, they have drawn up parameters which the future geothermal developer and the heat supplier must satisfy. The consumer thus decides, and this already makes the project unique in the district heating sector.

The project also ties in with Haarlem's goal to be fully climate-neutral by 2030. And it closely matches the aim of the housing corporations to reduce the energy bills of local residents.

Download: HEAT folder 2016


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