Peter Molengraaf to stand down; Ingrid Thijssen new CEO Alliander

Arnhem, the Netherlands, 29 August - Peter Molengraaf is to stand down after more than eight years as CEO of the energy network company Alliander. Following close consultation with the Supervisory Board, Mr Molengraaf has decided to leave Alliander on 1 September.

The Alliander Supervisory Board has appointed Ingrid Thijssen to succeed him. Ingrid Thijssen has been a member of the Alliander Management Board for more than three years and will take up the post of CEO on 1 September. Her appointment has been approved by the shareholders and the Central Works Council.

Mr Molengraaf took a sabbatical leave earlier this year to consider his future and his role at Alliander. Ingrid Thijssen was appointed acting CEO during his absence. Mr Molengraaf said of his decision: ‘While it will be a wrench to leave Alliander, I have come to the conclusion that I am ready for a new stage in my career. Together, we have all built a strong and forward-looking company which I have greatly enjoyed helping to work toward. I have every confidence in my successor, with whom I have worked closely and productively over the past few years. I therefore know I am leaving Alliander in very capable hands.’

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Annemarie Jorritsma said: ‘We are immensely grateful to Peter for all that he has done for Alliander in the past eight years. He played a key role in professionalising the network company Alliander, which was created following the demerger of energy supplier Nuon, and in enthusiastically contributing to the development of the energy transition in the Netherlands.’

’We are delighted to appoint Ingrid Thijssen to succeed him as CEO. Ingrid Thijssen joined the Management Board partly to ensure a successor for Mr Molengraaf. Now that this time has come, we have a new, highly skilled CEO who is fully embedded in the organisation and ready to take on the mantle.’

Ingrid Thijssen spent the last three years as Alliander's Chief Operating Officer.

She said: ’I am honoured to be invited to lead Alliander. It is thanks to the work done by firms like this that people in the Netherlands can light and heat their homes and businesses. Our employees work hard to provide this service on a daily basis. Everyone in this country should have equal access to reliable, affordable and accessible energy as a basic requirement under equal conditions, including in the new sustainable energy system. I believe in the ability of publicly-owned companies to help the Netherlands achieve this. My predecessor Peter Molengraaf has placed Alliander in an excellent position to do just that.’

Between 2011 and 2014, Ingrid Thijssen (49) was Chairperson of the Board for NS Reizigers, the passenger service of Netherlands Railways, after holding various management and Board positions at the national rail company. She was nominated Top Businesswoman of the Year in September 2016.