Ingrid Thijssen steps down as Alliander CEO and moves to VNO-NCW

27 February 2020
The board of VNO-NCW, the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers, has appointed Ingrid Thijssen its new chair. Thijssen has worked for Alliander since 2014, first of all in the role of COO, before becoming CEO in September 2017.

“Ingrid Thijssen’s departure means we are losing a committed member of the Management Board who always positioned Alliander’s challenge in line with the interests of the Netherlands and the energy transition,” says Annemarie Jorritsma, chair of Alliander’s Supervisory Board. “She created focus in the strategy and brought Alliander and the outside world together. She also greatly professionalised the company during her six years on the Management Board. We are proud that she is going to be the new chair of VNO-NCW, but are of course sorry to see her leave Alliander. We wish her the best of luck in her new role as chair of VNO-NCW.”

Thijssen had the following to say about her move: “Bringing together businesses and our society is crucial. Both groups need each other to create sustainable economic growth and implement the major transitions the Netherlands is facing. I am keen to contribute to this as chair of VNO-NCW.”

Over the coming weeks, the Supervisory Board will consider how to handle the succession.