Alliander looks ahead

Housing, work and transport are set to undergo major change and will not be the same in ten years’ time. Consequently, Alliander is investing in various start-ups involved in developing innovative energy solutions for the future. In this way, Alliander will be able to address our current energy requirements while promptly adjusting the way our grids operate.

New markets

•    Firan
Develops open grids for hot, cold, steam and carbon systems.

•    Energy Exchange Enablers
Facilitates energy market entry and encourages mutual energy trading.

•    Smart Society Services
Facilitates management and control of public infrastructures and smart objects.

•    BackHoom
Provides data that makes residential homes more sustainable.

•    Zown
Facilitates microgrids.

•    SIM-CI
Provides the required tools to assess the risks associated with vital infrastructures.

•    Omons
An online platform for municipalities and residents who are committed to creating a future-proof local energy supply. Omons offers a one-stop shop for knowledge-sharing, social interaction and transparent decision-making.