Special projects

We are gaining early insight into developments in the world around us so that we can keep our energy supply reliable, affordable and accessible.

Digitalising networks

With smart networks, we can promote changes in the energy system more easily, and resolve and even sometimes prevent interruptions in the power supply. In 2016 we will be testing various applications in Noord-Holland, such as the smart meter and the automation of medium voltage distribution transformers and stations.

Variable energy tariffs trial

The advent of renewable energy produced from solar and wind power is widening day-to-day energy prices. The consumer organisation Vereniging Eigen Huis, energy supplier Qurrent and Liander share the view that consumers should benefit from this new trend. We are therefore conducting a joint trial in which a small group of consumers can use a smart energy contract to pay hourly prices for their electricity and daily prices for their gas (also see the news item).

Flexible public lighting

FlexOVL is Liander’s new regulating system for public lighting, in which local authorities can control their public lighting themselves, fix faults more quickly and save energy. This gives them more control and influence over their lighting. FlexOVL will eventually be used to monitor and control all 800,000 lighting masts in the Liander area.