What is on the agenda for 2018?

Alliander will be investing approximately 400 million euros in grid reinforcements so that energy supplies remain reliable, affordable and accessible to millions of consumers and businesses. This is evidenced by the annual plan published today, which describes Alliander’s projects in various region’s in great detail.

The Dutch economy is booming and the energy transition is accelerating rapidly, causing an upsurge in the number of consumers wanting to get connected to our grid. At the same time, sustainability is gaining ground in our society, resulting in some significant changes to the energy landscape. Consequently, Alliander is facing several challenges as expressed by the Alliander Management Board in the foreword of the annual plan: “At an operational level, we have been able to take on greater workloads and have increased our productivity, which is fortunate. But we are experiencing quite a bit of difficulty in ensuring our projects are completed on time. This is why we are investing a great deal of time and energy in attracting new colleagues that are interested in contributing to the energy supply of today and tomorrow.”

Collaboration for heating transition

The coming year will be  all about collaboration. In this vein, we will be making specific agreements with the municipalities in our service area regarding how we can all best support the heating transition and the phasing out of natural gas. Collaboration is crucial if the social costs of the energy transition are to remain as low as possible. Alliander will continue to invest in the digitisation of our grids to give us access to important data, so that breakdowns can be resolved more quickly or even be prevented. This data will also help us make better decisions and make more targeted investments in our grids.