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What we do

Alliander is a energy network company. We provide a reliable, affordable and accessible energy transport and distribution to a large part of the Netherlands.

betrouwbare en bereikbare energievoorziening

By constantly improving our network, we prepare ourselves for the future. A future in which everyone can consume, produce and share renewable energy.

Alliander consists of a group of companies, among them Liander, Qirion and Kenter, which together represent an expertise in energy networks, energy technology and technical innovations. Come and meet our organisation.

Alliander organisatie

How we make the difference

Consumers need access to an energy supply that is as safe and reliable as possible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are therefore committed to working safely and preventing scheduled and unscheduled interruptions to the energy supply wherever we can.


Consumers want to pay as little as possible for a reliable energy supply, which is why we work daily to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of our activities.

efficient netbeheer

Consumers must be able to make their own energy choices. We therefore allow them to select their own suppliers and feed energy back into the grid. And we actively help them to switch to renewable forms of energy.

klanten maken energiekeuzes