energie, zonnepanelen

Corporate social responsibility

For Alliander, doing business involves more than simply transporting energy throughout the Netherlands. We are working on a sustainable energy supply system in the Netherlands while at the same time improving sustainability in our own company. We feel responsible for our impact on the environment.

In our day-to-day work, we make responsible choices in the best interests of society. We also team up with other stakeholders to devise solutions for the challenges facing society, such as climate change, diversity and labour participation.

Closing three energy loops

In our corporate social endeavours, we seek to close three energy loops.

  1. First, we are contributing to the energy transition by giving all our customers access to renewable energy under equal terms and conditions. As a result of climate change, (growth in) energy consumption will eventually have to be met by renewable sources such as wind and solar power, hydroelectric power or sustainable heat sources. Our contribution to this is part of our company strategy.
  2. Second, we are trying to close our own energy loop by working towards circular and climate-neutral business operations. This means that our business operations will run solely on renewable energy and that the waste we produce will be converted into input for the materials we consume. This requires changes to our investment and procurement policy.
  3. Third, in the social loop of recruiting, training and developing people, we are trying to take a broader view of our corporate social responsibility. As a major employer, we can offer more than employment alone. We respond to key themes such as equal opportunities for women on the labour market, opportunities for people without qualifications, the need for a fit and active ageing workforce and growing demand for voluntary work to keep our society running. Corporate social responsibility is an inclusive business philosophy in which everyone is given a chance and all talents are put to good use.