Credit rating

Alliander is rated by Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services.

The Credit Ratings applicable to Alliander N.V. are:

Credit ratings Alliander N.V. Standard & Poor’s  Moody’s
Short term  A-1+ (CreditWatch Negative)  P-1
Long term  AA-
(CreditWatch Negative)
(stable outlook)


As part of its financial policy, Alliander maintains no less than a solid A rating profile. This is important because the rating has an impact on finance charges and eases access to the various financial markets. The rating also determines the need for more or less Letters of Credit in relation to Cross Border Leases.

The latest updates on the Alliander credit profile are listed below.

Moody’s Investors Service

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services

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