Alliander appoints Chief Transition Officer to Management Board

21 March 2019
The Supervisory Board of Alliander has decided to add a Chief Transition Officer (CTO) to the company’s Management Board with effect from 1 April. Daan Schut, who currently serves as the network company’s Director of Asset Management, will take on the role of CTO.

The energy system is undergoing major changes. The speed and impact of the energy transition, new technology and digitisation are increasingly making themselves felt. Given that this affects the way in which we lead our company, the Management Board of Alliander will be expanded to include a Chief Transition Officer (CTO). The CTO will focus primarily on exploring and adopting the energy transition as well as digitisation, the goal being to prepare the network company for the future.

Annemarie Jorritsma, Chair of Supervisory Board: “The transition to a sustainable energy system is one of today’s main social issues and Alliander’s operations play a key role in this. The Management Board needs to be expanded to allow Alliander to continue fulfilling its important social mission. In his current position, Daan Schut is already addressing the changes in the energy world, which makes him the perfect fit for this new role. We are proud that we have the opportunity to appoint one of our own talents to the ranks of the Management Board and we wish him every success.”

Daan Schut: “Alliander has the great, albeit challenging, social mission to work towards a sustainable future. We need to engage with our surroundings to make the energy transition with time to spare and at the lowest possible cost to society. New energy technology, innovation and digitisation will be major factors. I look forward to teaming up with our partners and making my own contribution based on my new role.”

With effect from 1 April 2019, Alliander’s Management Board will have three members: a CEO (Ingrid Thijssen), a CFO (vacant) and a CTO (Daan Schut). Daan Schut (44) joined Alliander in 2009. Since then, he has held various management positions, serving as the network company’s Director of Asset Management Director for the past five years.