The Alliander group

Alliander is a group of companies. Grid manager Liander is responsible for properly distributing energy across all our grids every single day. Qirion is concerned with developing sustainable technologies and intelligent energy infrastructures. Metering business Kenter offers innovative solutions for energy metering and energy management. Our new energy markets offer innovative and sustainable solutions and services that contribute to the new energy system.

Other technical activities pursued by Alliander are organised in Stam Heerhugowaard Holding, Alliander Telecom and CDMA Utilities. You can also read about the activities we are pursuing in new markets. A full overview of our subsidiaries is outlined in the annual report.

Legal structure

Alliander N.V. is an unlisted Dutch public limited liability company which is fully governed by the Dutch large companies (‘structuurregime’) regime (Article 2:158 to 2:164 of the Civil Code). This invests Alliander with a ‘two-tier’ management structure in which the Management and Supervisory Boards constitute two separate entities. The Management Board is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company and the Supervisory Board oversees the Management Board and overall operations.

All the shares in Alliander N.V. are directly or indirectly held by Dutch provincial authorities and municipalities.

Organization chart

Alliander is a group of companies.

Network operator

Liander is a network operator who keeps the energy distribution through all our networks in good condition.

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Network activities

Provides sustainable and innovative solutions for new and existing energy networks.

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Develops open grids for hot, cold, steam and carbon systems.

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Alliander Telecom provides telecommunications for Liander and other infrastructure companies, both fixed (via fibre optic and copper) and wireless.

The independent (B2B) transaction platform for electricity that handles direct transactions between business and consumers, regardless of their location, administratively and financially.

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Helps to work safely in soil according to existing laws and regulations.

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Dep stands for Sustainable Energy Perspective. With a focus on the future. They devise smart solutions for improving and increasing the power of the energy grid.

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Alliander contributes to affordable energy systems in Germany and helps neighborhoods to use energy smartly.

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