Subordinated bonds

Issuer Trade date Expiry date Amount outstanding Coupon Status ISIN Code
Alliander N.V. 30 Jan. 2018 Perpetual € 500.000.000 1,625% Subordinated XS1757377400

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January 2018 – Issue of perpetual subordinated bonds
On January 30th, 2018 Alliander N.V. issued perpetual subordinated bonds with a total nominal amount of EUR 500 million against an issue price of 99.144% and a coupon of 1.625%. The bonds are subordinated to all other debt of Alliander. The tenor of the bonds is perpetual. Alliander has the option to call the bonds on June 30th, 2025 and any year thereafter. The bonds have been rated A and A2 by S&P and Moody’s respectively. The bonds are listed on the exchange of Euronext Amsterdam (ISIN XS1757377400).