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Alliander issues green bond

4 June 2020
On 3 June 2020, Alliander issued a green bond, the proceeds of which will be used to invest in the electricity networks. The loan of € 500 million has a maturity of 10 years and a coupon rate of 0.375%.

This is the third green bond Alliander has issued. Proceeds from the previous green bonds were used to finance our sustainable head offices and smart meters, among other initiatives. The capital raised through this green bond will be used mainly to invest in the electricity networks, which require substantial investments due to the sharp rise in demand for new connections and the emergence of wind and solar farms.

Alliander has set up a Green Finance Framework in support of the listing of the green bond. Alliander can also list other forms of green financial instruments under this framework, such as bank loans and private loans. ISS-ESG provided a second-party opinion on the Framework’s environmental credentials and its alignment with Green Bond and Green Loan Principles.

The green bond is listed on Euronext Amsterdam (ISIN code: XS2187525949).

Sustainable financing

In addition to the role it plays in facilitating the energy transition, Alliander also strives to contribute to sustainability through its own operations. And, as can be seen in the Prime B sustainability rating ISS ESG has awarded the operator, these efforts have not gone unnoticed. Alliander sees the interest displayed by investors in this green bond as proof that sustainability, alongside a sound financial policy, is a key consideration for investors.