Corporate governance

Good entrepreneurship (integrity and transparency of management actions) and good supervision thereof (including accountability) form the pillars of corporate governance. This leads to trust and confidence in the management and the supervision of the various stakeholders at Alliander.

Though unlisted, Alliander applies the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, insofar as relevant and meaningful, on a voluntary basis. As a large company with an important social role in Dutch society, we attach great value to good corporate governance. Alliander aspires towards a transparent corporate governance structure that does justice to the interests of all its stakeholders: customers, shareholders, employees and society.

The manner in which we carry out corporate governance is embedded in e.g. the Articles of Association, the regulations of the Management Board, the regulations of the Supervisory Board and its Committees, a Code of Conduct, and a Whistleblower policy.

More information

  • Legal structure

    Alliander NV is an unlisted Dutch public limited company.
  • Management Board

    The Management Board is tasked with the day-to-day running of Alliander.
  • Supervisory Board

    The Supervisory Board supervises the policies of the Management Board.
  • Shareholders

    Alliander shares are directly or indirectly held by Dutch provinces and municipalities.
  • External auditor

    The external auditor performs the audit of the annual accounts of Alliander and its subsidiaries.
  • Code of Conduct

    Alliander aims to be the best service provider for its customers.
  • Whistleblower policy

    Good governance means among other things that Alliander has a Whistleblower Policy.
  • Risk management

    We are always looking at possible risks relating to safety, business operations and finance

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Miranda de Bliek
Manager Corporate Governance