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External auditor

The external auditor performs the audit of the annual accounts (consolidated as well as single entry) of Alliander and its subsidiaries. Within the scope of the general auditing of the annual accounts the external editor draws up, among others, the auditors’ certificate and the management letter and provides the certificate declaration of Allianders’ annual accounts.

Allianders’ external auditor is:

Deloitte Accountants B.V.
Wilhelminakade 1
P.O. Box 2031
The Netherlands

The external auditor attends all meetings of the Audit Committee. The external auditor also attends the meeting of the Supervisory Board in which its report regarding the examination of the annual accounts is being discussed and the annual accounts are signed. The external auditor also attends the meeting of the Supervisory Board in which the half-year figures are being stated. Finally, the external auditor attends the General Shareholders Meeting in which the annual accounts are being decreed, where the external auditor can be questioned about his declaration of the trueness of the annual accounts.

Appointment of the external auditor

The external auditor is appointed by the General Shareholders Meeting. The Supervisory Board makes a recommendation being advised by the Audit Committee as well as the Management Board.

Assessment of the external auditor

On behalf of the Supervisory Board the Audit Committee is responsible for the supervision of the external auditor. Together with the Management Board the Audit Committee reports at least once a year to the Supervisory Board about the development of the proceedings of the external auditor, especially his independence.

Every four years the Audit Committee together with the Management Board does a thorough assessment of the performance of the external auditor. The main conclusions of this assessment are shared with the General Shareholders Meeting and the Supervisory Board.