Whistleblower policy

Good governance means among other things that Alliander has a Whistleblower Policy. The Whistleblower Policy is intended to enable employees to immediately report every instance of wrongdoing or suspected wrongdoing of a general, operational or financial nature within Alliander.

What entails the Whistleblower Policy?

The Whistleblower Policy lays down the manner in which any suspicions of wrongdoing should be reported and dealt with, on the understanding that all reports will be dealt with confidentially. The legal position of a whistleblower who has reported any suspicion of wrongdoing with due regard to the provisions of the policy will not be adversely affected in any way as a result of the reporting of their suspicion of wrongdoing.

Note: The policy is not intended for reporting personal complaints. Nor is the policy intended to be used by employees who are seeking personal gain or are otherwise not acting in good faith.

Downloads (in Dutch)

  • Read the condensed version of the ‘Klokkenluidersregeling’.
  • Read the full version of the ‘Klokkenluidersregeling’.