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30 July 2020 News

Alliander: more work done despite COVID-19, but higher costs

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, Alliander has connected more customers, laid more cables and invested more…
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4 June 2020 News

Alliander issues green bond

On 3 June 2020, Alliander issued a green bond.
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2 April 2020 News

New CEO and COO for Alliander

The Supervisory Board has decided to appoint Maarten Otto as CEO of Alliander and to…
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27 February 2020 News

Ingrid Thijssen steps down as Alliander CEO and moves to VNO-NCW

The board of VNO-NCW, the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers, has appointed Ingrid Thijssen…
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18 February 2020 News

Alliander: coordination needed for realisation of climate agreement

Exponential growth in the number of EV charging stations, solar parks, wind turbines and heat…
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27 September 2019 News

Alliander and Ørsted conclude sustainability contract for grid losses

Alliander and energy company Ørsted have signed an agreement that reduces the CO2 emissions of…
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26 September 2019 News

Two new members for Alliander’s Supervisory Board

The shareholders of Alliander approved the appointment of two new members for the Supervisory Board:…
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25 July 2019 News

More investment in the grids and launch of hydrogen pilots

The electricity grid is rapidly approaching its capacity limitations. This is why Alliander is expanding…
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25 June 2019 News

Alliander launches new Green Bond

On 24th of June Alliander successfully completed the issuance of a Green Bond. The loan…
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